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At the law firm of Slater & Norris, we understand the challenges faced by injury victims and their families.

Many firms try to be a jack of all trades; unfortunately, this can result in being a master of none.

At Slater & Norris, our attorneys have found that by dedicating our practice exclusively to assisting individuals who are injured by the negligence of another, we are better able to provide each and every client with the focused and knowledgeable representation they need and deserve.  As we seek the full compensation you are entitled to for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages, we will handle your case with the personal care you deserve.

We believe that treating each client on an individualized basis is essential in these cases. We believe that such personalized service, which includes regular contact through meetings and telephone conferences, not only serves to provide the best possible outcome for our clients, but also serves to ease their mind when dealing with the many stressful issues that often arise when a serious injury or death occurs.


$1,150,000 recover from a family practice physician who was managing the antepartum care for a mother carrying twins and who failed to provide proper care while the mother was in labor.  The doctor’s negligence resulted in one twin baby suffering a grade IV intraventricular hemorrhage and developing cerebral palsy.



$250,000 recovery from a nursing home in southern Iowa on behalf of the family of a nursing home resident who died after becoming dehydrated and hypernatremic.



$300,000 recovery for client from her doctor and the hospital for failing to properly diagnose and timely treat her cauda equine syndrome and she presented to the hospital with severe low back pain and numbness in her left leg.



$200,000 recovery for nursing home resident who fell and fractured her right hip after being give the wrong medication which caused her to become weak and lethargic.



$125,000 recovery for a client who was suffered a hip fracture when he was struck by a car while jogging.  The car failed to stop at a stop light before attempting to make a right hand turn and struck our client as he was attempting to cross the street.



$75,000 recovery for client against an apartment complex who failed to repair a hole on its property.  Plaintiff stepped in the hole during the evening hours and suffered a meniscus tear to her knee.



$1,000,000 recovery for a former high school football player who suffered a brain injury from continuing to participate in football practice after suffering a concussion at practice during the previous days.  He reported his symptoms to the school nurse who neglected to remove him from further practices and failed to follow up to ensure that the student was seen by a physician prior to participating in football practice.



$75,000 recovery from an elementary school for a student who suffered an eye injury when another student used a rubber band to shoot a pencil across the school hallway which struck our client in the eye.  We asserted on behalf of our client that the elementary school failed in properly supervising the students while they were in the hallway.



$700,000 recovery for a client who suffered a fractured femur which necessitated surgical repair.  Client was struck by a semi-truck that failed to stop at a stop sign on a rural highway.



$100,000 verdict (defendant offered $20,000 prior to trial) for a client who slipped and fell on ice at a condominium complex.  The ice was caused by a drain spout that drained on to the sidewalk and caused ice to form on the walkway during the winter months



$80,000 recovery from any employer of an airline support service employee who injured his back while carrying a fuel hose to an airplane during the refueling process.



$105,000 recovery for an employee who suffered a torn rotator cuff when he slipped and fell on ice in the employer’s parking lot.



$80,000.00 recovery for employee who was struck in the back of the head with a tire while working which resulted in the employee suffering a herniated disc.



$100,000 for employee of hospital who slipped and fell on ice in the hospital parking lot and suffering a herniated disc in her lower back.



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