Medication Errors

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Many seniors who live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities rely on a number of prescription drugs to manage the symptoms of illnesses and preserve their quality of life. They rely on nurses and other nursing home employees to properly administer their medications and meet a high standard of care.

Unfortunately, seniors and other nursing home residents are hurt every year as a result of prescription medication mistakes. If your believe your loved one’s injury or illness has been caused or exacerbated by medication errors, you can rely on the attorneys of Slater & Norris, P.L.C. to fight for accountability.

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Causes of Medication Errors

There are a number of issues that lead to the prevalence of medication errors in nursing homes, including understaffed nursing homes, overworked employees and employees who lack the proper training in medication procedures. Many staffs also lack employees who understand the risks involved with certain drug interactions. Other causes include:

  • Doctors failing to advice their patients about possible bad interactions or side effects of prescription medications
  • Pharmacists, doctors or nurses making dosage mistakes
  • Nursing home staff administering the wrong drugs to clients or failing to deliver prescriptions at all

Personal Service for Your Nursing Home Negligence Claim

Our attorneys go the extra mile for our clients, using our resources, knowledge and legal skills to deliver favorable outcomes for their negligence claims. To discuss your potential claim with a Des Moines medication error lawyer in a free consultation, contact us today.

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