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In most cases, people of all ages undergo surgeries in order to fix a serious medical issue or otherwise improve the quality of their life. Unfortunately, all it takes is a split second during a procedure for a negligent surgical error to change the lives of an entire family forever. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a surgical error, or you have lost a family member to a wrongful death, you can rely on Slater & Norris, P.L.C. to fight for you.

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We are committed to helping injury victims and the families of wrongful death victims in Des Moines and across central Iowa recover full compensation for damages sustained as a result of surgical errors. One of our attorneys, Thomas P. Slater, brings more than 31 years of experience in these cases and has obtained numerous verdicts and settlements for our clients.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Iowa

Aggressively Pursuing Compensation for Surgeon Errors

At Slater & Norris, we are willing to go to the mat for our clients. We represent the victims of surgical errors such as:

  • “Wrong site” surgical errors
  • Cutting the wrong organ or tissue
  • Leaving surgical tools inside a patient
  • Post-operative errors
  • Infections

The injuries that result from surgical errors are often catastrophic, changing the lives of injury victims and their families forever. We are dedicated to making sure our clients receive the full compensation they need to take care of their present and future medical care and rehabilitation needs.

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